How do sticky, expanding, and oversized symbols work in online slots?

With advanced graphics and innovative game features, they provide an immersive and exciting gambling experience to players. Some popular special symbols used in online slots are sticky wilds, expanding wilds, and oversized symbols. These symbols make the gameplay more dynamic and increase players’ chances of landing winning combinations.

1. Sticky wild symbols

Sticky wild symbols, as the name suggests, are wild symbols that “stick” on the reels for a certain number of spins once they land. Unlike regular wilds that disappear after each spin, sticky wilds remain on the reels for a predetermined number of spins, substituting for other symbols to complete winning combinations.

For example, if a sticky wild lands on the third reel and the slot specifies it will stay for three spins, then that sticky wild will act as a substitute on the third reel for the next three spins after its initial appearance. It increases players’ chances of winning during the duration the sticky wild is active on the reels. The number of spins a sticky wild remains on the screen depends on the game but usually ranges from 2 to 5 spins.

2. Expanding wild symbols

As the name hints, expanding wild symbols are special wilds that expand to cover entire reels once they land on the grid. Mostly they start as a single symbol, but when they appear, they expand sideways to occupy the whole reel and substitute for all other symbols. Some slots have expanding wilds that stretch to fill all three positions on their respective reel, while others even stretch vertically to fill the entire grid. So, if expanding wild lands before the final spin, players get a shot at tons of winning combos as practically the whole screen turns wild.

The most lucrative expanding wilds are those that trigger a re-spin after expanding across the reels. During the re-spin round, the expanded wilds are locked in place as players receive an additional spin hoping to hit a big win boosted by those expanded wilds in play from the previous spin. Sometimes, more expanding wilds can land during these re-spins too, amping up the excitement quotient.

3. Oversize symbols

Unlike classic slot symbols, which usually occupy only one position on the reels, some games feature oversized symbols that take up a 2×2 or a 3×3 area when they land. Spanning multiple spaces, these larger-than-life symbols have a higher chance of landing since they cover more real estate across the game grid. Some slots have oversized symbols that can show up randomly on the reels during base gameplay and bonus rounds. In some games, the oversized symbols may show up more frequently or may get locked in place over multiple spins during bonus features. Four oversized matching symbols that occupy an entire 4×4 grid sometimes result in thousands of dollars Click here for more info about our brand Dunia777.

Benefits of these special symbols for players

  • They make spins more engaging, adding an element of surprise, with bigger symbols suddenly landing unexpectedly or wilds oddly remaining on-screen over many spins. It boosts the entertainment value for slot fans.
  • These unique symbols often unlock special perks like re-spins, free spins, multipliers, and more that give players more chances to win big payouts.
  • Most importantly, all these three symbols expand the area of influence for high-paying symbols. Their innovative mechanics directly translate into higher odds and increased payout potential by covering a larger portion of the reels.

Trying out online slots with these varied special symbols is certainly more rewarding.

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